Bread Recipe San Francisco­ Style Sourdough French

San Francisco is one of the style characteristic of French bread recipe. Still having a long history, but this method is still unknown mysterious for everyone. The history of sourdough bread are formed and developed in San Francisco. When they began to find new methods by utilizing bacteria and natural fermentation process. This is considered a popular area with sour bread popular styles in the world today than any kind of other bread making. However, most users feel a lot of time ­consuming work with sourdough. But when you use a bread machine, you can completely change this reality.

You might wonder why a special sourdough flavor of San Francisco back can cause a strong impression for most of users from many different locations. Apparently, in fact, science has demonstrated that these bacteria are available in natural, especially lactobacillus bacteria were involved in the process of creating this wonderful flavor. When we are exposed to these sweeteners, they begin full production of the substance causing the difference in taste, that make it unique compared to the other competitors.



The main components

Sourdough, 1 cup of warm water at room temperature, banking soda, salt, flour. Determine the number of people who will use the bread to be able to estimate the exact amount of powder. In the process of kneading the dough, you can check the thickness of sourdough to determine the necessary amount of powder and warm water should be added. If you can accurately measure the weight of components by weight Jewellery, you will get the product with the best taste. However, this is not mandatory, you can use the measuring cup or bowl to the components that you need.

Preparation for making bread

You can knead the dough by hand or by machine depending on conditions. If you knead by hand, you need to turn the raw powder and lieju in order and separated by about 5 minutes to ensure elasticity. Similar to when using the machine to knead, you should follow the instructions for use accompanying the best results. After completing the process of molded pulp, you should spend 30 minutes so it has time to rest before the start of the next process. Divided into sections Dough to ease in increasing the weight of the dough before putting in the oven. After about half a day, will increase the size powder doubled and start the process of baking.

Use toaster

Preheat the oven to the appropriate temperature before use, it should create the appropriate environment for the dough fermentation. After the baking powder, you should use non­stick baking silicone to. Spray the surface with cold baked bread, baked for about 30 minutes until nine gold surface. After completion of the baking process, you can cool before cutting the cake to be able to enjoy the most delicious flavor.

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