How to Make the Baking Work Become Easier

In the past, bread was known as a typical food of the western but nowadays, it gains the popularity in even the East countries thanks to the convenience and the nutrient values which it brings to the human beings. The habit of eating bread for breakfast seems to no longer strange to anyone, however, not all of the people know how easy to make a slide of bread. To ensure the health safety for the whole family, some of the housewives have equipped their kitchens with a useful bread making machine, which will help them to save a lot of time and money to purchase bread at the stores. In this paper, I would like to recommend you some of the useful bread making machines.

1. Baking Oven: There are 3 types of bread making machines.
• Horizontal oven : It is primarily used for baking cakes, birthday cakes, moon cakes
– Use:
+ This oven can bake some types of bread like pastries, salty bread
+ Multi-functional oven can be used for grilling hot meats, fish, poultry, and some other foods, too.
+ With a luxurious, modern design and high quality, it is suitable for cake shop, professional bakeries, families, restaurants, hotels
– Characteristics:

+ The temperature control system use advanced technology. The machine has automatic protection control system.
+ You can observe the process of baking through the glass doors and lighting system inside the baking chamber
+ The temperature and baking time is stable.
+ The machine has simple operation, high durability.
+ The machine has a simple design and compact size to save space, which creates a favorable condition for maintenance and replacement parts.
• Convection Oven: This type of machine is also able to spray water and fan for blowing air out.

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+ This oven has 8 trays
+ Oven can bake all the bread such as bread crackers, bread Justice, pastries, salty bread
+ Multi-functional oven can be used to grill – barbecue – heat meats, fish, poultry, and some other foods, too.
+ The machine has luxurious designs with the modern features

+ The machine is made of high quality steel
+ The temperature controller makes use of advanced technology.
+ The equipment inside and outside the oven are made of stainless steel and made of insulating materials, with the best insulation.
+ The oven has large capacity so it can bake more food at the same time.
+ The use of fan convection system helps bake with beautiful colors with all kinds of bread and some other food
+ The machine has timer mode
+ There are lights inside the oven, which helps users to easily monitor food baking process. The front glass can be easily taken down and cleaned.
• Rotation oven
– Use:
+ Oven can bake all the bread such as sliced bread, French bread, pastries, salty bread
+ Save the time of baking
+ Reheat foods in a short time
– Features:
+ The oven is made of high quality materials, which will increase the durability of the product
+ This product has the rotary system and trolley. The size can be customized.
+ Thanks to the large capacity, the machine can bake a considerable amount of flour in once time.
+ The machine has the time setting system
+ Temperature range from 0 -300 degrees
+ There are lights inside the oven, which enable users to see the food baking process.
+ The electronics are imported from Japan, France, and applying the most advanced technology.

2. Showcase:

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After finishing baking, if you do not immediately consume the bread, it will be damaged in a short time. Therefore, to well preserve the cakes for a long time, you need to take advantage of a showcase. This equipment seems to be more suitable for the bakery with a large number of cakes. For houses, you can use the refrigerator for storing cakes. The showcase gives the bread the best preservation and helps moisturize the cake from drying out. Therefore, time for using cake can last for weeks.
* Characteristics:
– The cabinets having the modern design with high durability is greatly favored consumers with the convenience and functionality of the product diversity.
– Showcase can preserve many foods such as fruits and vegetables, beverages, snacks chin, cold food, especially cakes.
– The showcase has flexible wheels so it is easy to move.
– The cooling system uses advanced technology so it has low emission and is environmentally friendly. Besides the cabinet also has the safe operation and energy saving feature.
– Customers can order the size and length according to their requirement. Besides, the showcase also has different designs and colors to match with the different spaces of restaurants or bakeries.

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