Quick Bread Hints and Tips

Fast bakery is one of the needs of most users because they do not have too much time to prepare their meals. The manufacturers have to grasp this need and has established support functions as well as helpful tips for you to implement this tip.


Preheat the oven for longer time

Make sure your oven is heated at a temperature sufficient for the appropriate time. Normally, you should warm up before using the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Checking Baking powder and Baking Soda

In the process of making bread, this is a required component is the most emphasis. You should estimate the amount of powder with enough moisture, and kneading them, avoid lumps. Follow the recipes have been tested, avoid self-­rising flour reducing desired because it can cause unpleasant odors caused by excessive amount of baking powder. Do not increase the amount of baking powder or self optionally replace meals when you are not sure of its use as well as accurately calculate the appropriate volume to offset powder. Be sure to check the date on the packaging used by the powder.

The temperature and baking time appropriate

Mostly, the general formula for the bread is the first 45 minutes keeping the temperature around 350 and gradually reduced to about 320 degrees. Prolonged lower baking temperature will help you limit the amount of water remaining inside surface and do not become too hard bread. Using a toothpick to test small your bread. When it turn brown quickly, you should use an aluminum plate to prevent exposure to excessive heat. Keep cool for about 10 minutes before cutting.


Use water to balance

You should keep enough moisture oven using water to balance the temperature and humidity of the oven, avoid bread and cracked surface is the surface becomes too dry.

Metal pan





Typically, the manufacturer after studies showed that the light­colored metal pans made of aluminum gives the best performance for your bread. The black skillet heat absorption features easily can make your bread burnt to the same time period. Besides, insulating glass pan is also a popular choice because it is possible to keep your bread inside ensure softness and non­stick. Methods other quick bread instead of changing the formula and dose adjustment of these additional components, besides, some other popular method is also applied as typical:



  • Method whisk: Using ingredients such as butter and sugar, eggs, flavoring liquid mixed with cream and mix until smooth and fluffy. Some other dry additives can be mixed into the final step. This method is effective when used up to add airbags aim to keep enough moisture cake and salty smooth surface.
  • Method shortened: Use of chilled to minimize the other components, it is preferred when you want to make biscuits or some other baked treats.
  • Muffin method: For these types of muffins, this is the method most preferred by its complete separation of the dry ingredients and wet until it begins the process of combining.

Above is a list of some useful methods that you can use to save time while ensuring prepare the most delicious products to family and friends.

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