Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Bread Machine

Choosing a new Bread Machine is not so easy for all people, because, different brands offer different quality bread machines. But, by keeping a few key factors in mind, you can choose a perfect bread maker for you. In this article we enlist some most important tips for choosing a new bread machine.

1. Consider Your Needs

        To buy a bread machine, at first you should find out your needs. Make a list of most important features you are expecting from your bread machine. Consider what’s you want from you bread maker? Find out all the points and note down to make a list. These finding are help you to make a good decision. Some important point you should take accounts are

  • Consider the amount of bread you and your family will eat. Some small bread machines can bake only 1 pound loaf, but the larger ones can bake 2 pounds or more.
  • Decide the storing place of bread machine. This kitchen appliance is somewhat big and large, so at first ensure you have enough counter space to keep this item or decide where you will store it.
  • Find a bread machine that matches with your kitchen. Most of the bread machines come in white or black to match home appliances. But, some stainless steel and colorful models are also available.
  • Consider about shape of bread. Most of the bread machines produce rectangular loaves. But some models produce round or square loaves.

2. Set Your Budget

          After find out the needs, you should set a specific budget for your bread machine. For choosing a right bread machine, the cost of the device plays a determining role. Different company offer different deals and it depends on your choose. Most of the bread machine start from $50 and depending on various specifications and qualities can be as high as $400. Remember that, the price of the product often determines the value of the product. So, it is important to think before taking a decision.

3. Consider Different Useful Features and Setting

         Here are some of the useful features and settings that you should consider before choosing a bread machine.

  • Loaf Size: It is important feature of bread machine that you should consider. Now-a-day’s most of the top selling bread machines offer different loaf sizes. Typical sizes of the loaf produce by the bread makers are 1 pound, 1 ½ pounds or 2 pounds. However, some of the bread machines are adjustable and some are not. You should select one as your demand.
  • Delay Timer: Most of the bread machines come with this feature. Delay timer is an excellent feature if you want to add the all baking ingredients before work, but want the fresh bread when you get home.
  • Viewing Windows: Some bread machines come with viewing window, so that you can observe your bread is progressing.
  • Cycles: Usually all bread machines come with the basic cycle that capable of baking all types of dough. But, some bread makers also come with some additional cycles such as for jam or cakes.
  • Timer: A bread machine with a standard timer ensures you when the bread is baked.
  • Keep Warm: Some bread machines come with keep warm functions. If you don’t want to eat the bread immediately this function heats the bread and keeps warm.
  • Crust Color: Some bread machines allow you to set the color of the crust.
  • Gluten Free: Some bread machines come with built in gluten free cycle.
  • Programmable: Some bread machines allow you to program your own cycles through setting the kneading time and other parameters.
  • Quick/Rapid Cycle: This feature helps you to reduce the cooking time when you need your bread in a hurry.
  • Accessories: Most of the bread machines come with different accessories. Some are included extra kneading blades. Many bread makers come with a recipe booklet. Measuring cups and spoons are also included and help to measure the ingredients precisely.
  • Additional Features: There are also some smaller features and characteristics you should consider when choosing your bread machine. They include:
    1. Top-Loading Machines
    2. Indicator Lights
    3. LCD Digital Displays
    4. Safety Fuses
    5. Power Interruption Protection
    6. Secure Bases
    7. Finish and
    8. Racks etc.


          Choosing a bread machine is often seems to be a difficult task at first. However, if you keep your needs and preferences in mind when differentiate the many options; then you can avoid feeling hesitation. We hope that, this article will help you to choose your new bread machine. Now, purchase your Bread Machine and Enjoy homemade fresh bread every day. Happy buying!!!

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