Secret Tips with Bread Machine

If you are new to bread machines, please continue reading this article to find helpful information about using detailed instructions to use effectively. Known as a high­tech products, so you need to master the principles of operation of modern equipment. It synthesis process like when you make by hand, including the process of mixing, and baking bread Knead. All activities will take place on the same device. In addition, it has the ability to make pasta dough, pizza, even the delicious jams. This is a device invented by the Japanese manufacturer, and gradually became a popular item in the kitchen of every family.

Get familiar with the setting of the bread machine

On the control panel, you can see some of the function keys such as Menu, Select, Start, Timer … but you can use the function key has been set up to select the cycle and mode as expected your wish. The settings for shells with 3 different modes: dark, medium and light suitable for many different types of bread. Timer will help you align the appropriate time and not too worried about this problem when you are busy with other tasks.


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The necessary components

Some of the key ingredients include flour, yeast, salt, sugar, fat and fluid. Normally, you should use the bread is made from wheat flour because it has more protein and gluten, better than general purpose flour. The mixing ratio appropriate for each type of bread will create maximum convenience.


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  • Yeasts are components should always be stored in dry, avoid direct sunlight. You can buy in the supermarket too ambiguous or any grocery store yet. With a certain amount, about 2 teaspoons of yeast with most types of bread, you can make a difference, but you should not overdo it otherwise the taste will be altered.
  • Salt is an indispensable component in this process because it is to create flavor and furthermore, it has the ability to control the process of baking powder spilled inside the machine.
  • Sugar and honey can be used interchangeably in order to soften the dough structure and create delicious flavor than for bread.
  • The liquid is used to balance and limit temperature fermentation beyond control, it’s best to keep warm liquid in room temperature conditions.
  • Fat, usually used vegetable oil, butter, tallow with about 1­2 teaspoons, to create different flavors depending on the type of fat you use.

If you have never tried to make bread before, you can use this machine in combination with a simple formula, and after having become proficient, you can be creative and develop the complex dishes. Before you begin, you should take the time to learn devices do you own bread on a number of factors such as drive size, type of cycle is set… By acquainted with these settings you can easily adjust the finished product that you’re prepared to make bread suitable to the taste of the whole family. In terms of structure, most of the bread machine are hinged for easy opening and closing doors, dashboard, pan bread, kneading and kneading blade. These are the basic components that bread machine should have to meet the needs of users. When you need to replace any parts, you can find them in the stores of bread machine spare parts.

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